Sean's Wild World - Blog Redesign

Seans's Wild World is a conservation blog that wanted to modernize their look and add features to gain followers.

My Role: UI/UX Designer, Web Designer

Tools: HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress

Timeline: One Week

The Story - Sean is a young conservationist, and he spreads conservation education with the world via his blog.

The Problem - Sean wanted to modernize his blog. He feared he was not being taken seriously due to the bright colors, in-cohesive theme, and lack of follower features.

The Outcome - Sean's Wild World has one cohesive theme, and added the ability to gain an email following, and also integrated his Facebook and Instagram feeds to his blog.

Style Guide

Final Site

The final site is live at

Sean wanted a user-friendly platform to host his blog. He was already familiar the posting process of Wordpress, so that it what I implemented for him.

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